A Tale of 2 Cities in 2 Weeks

by Bee Jay Glosson Lets flash back to 2 weeks ago when the DC Defenders were undefeated coming off of the league’s first shutout. DC was in the 1 or 2 slot of everyone’s power rankings, riding high and feeling good, looking at the first road game against a winless wildcats team in L.A.. Undefeated […]

Deep Routes: Model-o-Rama

by Anthony Reinhard We’ve arrived at Week 4 in the XFL season and we are starting to get a feel for how the rest of the year will shake out. In an effort to better acquaint myself with the strength of each team, I took a look at some new rating systems. Each rating system […]

SixPackBass: XFL Week 3 Recap – It was WILD!!! (UPSET ALERT)

XFL Week 3 is now behind us. Looking back this was an Insanely WILD week of XFL football! Lots action and lots of head scratchers in this one. Tune in to see what all the commotion is about. Follow SixPackBass on Social Media: IG – https://www.instagram.com/sixpackbass Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/sixpackbass Twitter – https://twitter.com/sixpackbass TikTok – https://vm.tiktok.com/Xdx7LF/