XFL Final Regular Season Power Rankings

The Regular season has concluded and the playoffs are set. Here is the final Power Ranking for the regular season.

1. DC Defenders (9-1)

DC missed going undefeated by just one point this season. The Defenders also won five of nine games by six points or less, so this could have been a very different-looking power ranking and postseason. Nevertheless, DC survived multiple scares and earned the number-one spot in this poll. DC’s rushing attack and timely defense propelled the Defenders all season long. It will be interesting to see if the defense can hold up to another Sea Dragon onslaught in round one of the playoffs.

2. Seattle Sea Dragons (7-3)

After an 0-2 start the Sea Dragons willed themselves into the playoffs. Seattle finished the season on a 7-1 run and remains the most dangerous team in the XFL currently. Quarterback Ben DiNucci led the league in passing yards but also led the league in interceptions. The Sea Dragons are the number two seed in the XFL North for the playoffs and have lost twice to the Defenders by a combined total of five points.

3. St. Louis Battlehawks (7-3)

St. Louis had the unfortunate luck of being the third-best team in the best division in the XFL. Due to the small size of the league, only the top two teams made the playoffs in each division. St. Louis finished the year on a high note, defeating Orlando by a score of 53-28, setting the XFL single-game points record in the process. AJ McCarron finished the season with 24 touchdown passes and only six interceptions.

4. Houston Roughnecks (7-3)

Houston was the best team in the league and then lost three games in a row before getting things back on track to finish at a respectable 7-3. Houston defeated Arlington 25-9 in the season finale, which will also be who the Roughnecks play in the XFL South championship game.

5. Arlington Renegades (4-6)

Arlington squeaked by and made the playoffs. After a close loss in week 9 to the Defenders, the Renegades were stifled by Houston. The Renegades seem to still be trying to gel with new quarterback Luis Perez. Arlington will need to get it together quickly, as the season is now on the line.

6. San Antonio Brahmas (3-7)

San Antonio lost a heartbreaker to DC 29-28 in week 10. The loss cost the Brahmas a chance at a playoff spot. The Renegades lost the next day so if San Antonio could have pulled off the upset, the Brahmas would have been in the playoffs. That’s a tough pill to swallow. San Antonio, much like the other two teams at the bottom of the list, seemed to struggle to make adjustments during games throughout the season. Injuries also played a major role for San Antonio.

7. Vegas Vipers (2-8)

Shout out to Vegas for giving a valiant effort in the last game against Seattle. Sea Dragons fans were on the edge of their seats for most of the game, waiting to clinch the postseason spot. However, Vegas refused to back down and kept the suspense up for most of the game. To be fair, most people were confused as to what exactly needed to happen to accomplish the tiebreaker requirements. Nevertheless, Vegas never backed down. Quarterback Jalan McClendon really gave an incredible effort during his starts this year, which was a real bright spot for Vegas. McClendon ranked 8th in passing yards after playing in only four games this year.

8. Orlando Guardians (1-9)

Orlando had a disappointing finish to a disappointing season. The Guardians were dominated by St. Louis, 53-28. Orlando is one of the teams that will benefit from a complete overhaul in the offseason.

That is all for the regular season! The playoffs begin Saturday, April 29.

David Taylor can be found on Twitter @DavidTaylorXFL


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