XFL Week 10 Power Rankings

Week 9 has come and gone and the playoffs are still not quite set. The locations of both championship games are known, but the participants will have to wait until week 10 finishes. Here is a look at the power rankings.

DC Defenders (8-1)

Jordan Ta’Amu went 14-for-20 for 188 yards, 2 TD and 1 INT against Arlington

DC survived a massive scare from Arlington over the weekend, winning 28-26 in overtime. The victory guaranteed one more home game for the Defenders. Good teams win close games, but the number of points that DC has surrendered over the last couple of weeks is troubling for the playoffs.

Up Next: vs. San Antonio (Away)

Seattle Sea Dragons (6-3)

A statement victory over the Battlehawks has Seattle in prime condition to make the playoffs. After starting the season at 0-2, The Sea Dragons are 6-1 in the last seven games and are the most dangerous team in the XFL right now. In week 10, the Sea Dragons need to win and make sure to win by enough to fend off the St. Louis point total as well to ensure a playoff berth. Currently, the Battlehawks will have to win by 19 more points than Seattle does, so expect the Sea Dragons to run up the score on Saturday if they can.

Up Next: vs. Vegas (Home)

St. Louis Battlehawks (6-3)

St. Louis missed a golden opportunity over the weekend to clinch a playoff spot and now the Battlehawks find themselves in a tough position. Here are the Scenarios:

St. Louis wins, Seattle loses = STL in playoffs

Seattle wins, St. Louis loses = SEA in the playoffs

If both teams win, then it gets really complex. St. Louis needs to win by 19 more points than Seattle does AND still rank higher in points against to clinch. It will make the weekend very exciting to be sure, especially since St. Louis plays first.

Up Next: vs. Vegas (Home)

Houston Roughnecks (6-3)

Houston has clinched the number one seed in the XFL South and will host the playoff game. Houston may end up hosting week 10’s opponent in the south championship game. The Roughnecks are in an interesting position. If Houston loses to Arlington, then the Renegades are in the playoffs and will have momentum. But, do the Roughnecks win the game and then potentially let San Antonio in the playoffs? The Brahmas tout the best scoring defense in the XFL. An interesting situation to be in, to say the least.

Up Next: vs. Arlington (Away)

Arlington Renegades (4-5)

Luis Perez went 31-for-41 for 335 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT against DC in Week 9.

Arlington’s weekend plans are simple. Win, and enter the playoffs. Even a loss could put the Renegades in the postseason, but that is much less desirable. Arlington faces Houston, which is a rematch of week two when the Renegades were defeated 23-14 by the Roughnecks.

Up Next: vs. Houston (Home)

San Antonio Brahmas (3-6)

The Brahmas rank number one in scoring defense, but that has only translated to three wins so far this season for San Antonio. Still, the Brahmas remain in playoff contention this weekend. San Antonio must win and needs Arlington to lose to Houston to qualify.

Up Next: vs. DC (Home)

Orlando Guardians (1-8)

Orlando has had a rough season. Still, the Guardians could potentially be the only team to defeat the XFL champion this season. The Guardians can add one more achievement to their resume this weekend: playoffs spoiler. A win over the Battlehawks in the final week would more than likely ruin the playoff chances for St. Louis. It’s something to play for, as misery loves company.

Up Next: vs. St. Louis (Away)


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