XFL Week 3 Power Rankings

Heading into week 3, here are the power rankings for the XFL.

1. Houston Roughnecks (2-0)

Houston continues to roll, as the Roughnecks are the only XFL team to score over 20 points in the first two games. Houston also had a strong defensive showing in week 2, forcing two turnovers and recording two sacks. The Roughnecks are the most complete team at this point. Houston ranks second in the league in passing and fifth in rushing. Houston also leads the league in interceptions (4) and sacks (12).

This week: Home vs. San Antonio, March 5th, 8pm. TV: FX

2. DC Defenders (2-0)

The Defenders figured out the run game in week two, rushing for 229 yards against Vegas. DC leads the league in rushing with 313 yards on the season. Defensively, DC recorded two sacks and forced a fumble in week two. The Defenders face a huge test this week, as St. Louis travels to Audi Field.

This Week: Home vs. St. Louis, March 5th, 1pm. TV FX

3. St. Louis Battlehawks (2-0)

The Battlehawks are emerging as the most clutch team in the XFL. St. Louis has battled back in the 4th quarter in both wins this season. Not only has St. Louis been able to come from behind, the Battlehawks have done so on the road. Another big road test looms this weekend in DC. If St. Louis can steal a win in DC, the Battlehawks will return to St. Louis to a sold-out stadium for week four.

This Week: Away vs. DC, March 5th, 1pm. TV: FX

4. Arlington Renegades (1-1)

Arlington took a step back this weekend, losing to Houston 23-14. The Renegades were plagued by turnovers and sacks, as well as a missed field goal. Arlington has yet to fully establish an identity on the field offensively, as neither the passing (120 yards) nor rushing attack (43 yards) was very noteworthy. The Renegades were shut out in the second half of week two. Arlington gets a struggling Orlando team this weekend at home, which may provide an opportunity to figure out exactly who the Renegades are.

This Week: Home vs. Orlando, March 5th, 4pm. TV: FX

5. San Antonio Brahmas (1-1)

San Antonio got in the win column for the first time in franchise history with a dominant victory over Orlando. Quarterback Jack Coan looked impressive as he threw for three touchdowns. The Brahmas looked strong on defense and special teams as well, forcing a turnover and blocking a punt. San Antonio faces a crucial matchup this weekend in Houston, as the matchup could directly affect the postseason.

This Week: Away vs. Houston, March 5th, 8pm. TV: FX

6. Seattle Sea Dragons (0-2)

Seattle has the dubious honor of being the best 0-2 team in the XFL. The Sea Dragons could easily be 2-0, but turnovers have had a negative impact on the year. The Sea Dragons lead the league in passing with 476 yards, but also lead the league in turnovers. The Sea Dragons currently have six.

This Week: Away vs. Vegas, March 4th, 7pm. TV: FX

7. Vegas Vipers (0-2)

Costly turnovers and ineffective special teams play have the Vipers sitting at 0-2. Vegas missed two field goals and lost a fumble in the second half in week two. In general, the second half has not been kind to the Vipers so far this season. Vegas has been outscored by a combined 37-6 in the second half so far this season.

This Week: Home vs. Seattle, March 4th, 7pm. TV FX

8. Orlando Guardians (0-2)

Orlando is a team in need of a wake up call, according to head coach Terrell Buckley. The Guardians have only put up 24 points total in two games and have clear chemistry issues on the sidelines. Orlando has missed two field goals this season and turned the ball over four times. Guardian quarterbacks have been sacked a total of nine times in two games as well.

This Week: Away vs. Arlington, March 5th, 4pm. TV: FX

Here is a link to the team stats page on the XFL website, for reference.


Agree or disagree with the rankings? Find me on Twitter: @DavidTaylorXFL


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