XFL: Halloween Spook-tacular

by: David Taylor

Halloween is Here! Take a peek at the XFL’s spookiest mascots.

The XFL has done an excellent job of building anticipation for the 2020 season. The intentional, slow reveal of mascot names and team colors and logos has been exceptional. Interestingly, a handful of the mascots have a bit of an edge to them, making them perfect for a countdown list for Halloween! Here are the top 4 spookiest XFL mascots.

4. Dallas Renegades

Possibly more cool than spooky, the Dallas Renegades mascot resembles a demon possessed cowboy. The menacing, bright red eyes really combine well with the lighter blue, creating an interesting contrast of good and evil. This allows the imagination to run wild with backstory here. Did the Renegade make a deal with the football devil? What was exchanged, football dominance in exchanger for a soul? Only time and the inaugural season will tell.

3. Tampa Bay Vipers

Slithering, sliding, and secretly striking: Is there anything more spooky than unexpectedly coming across a snake? The viper evokes a feeling of fear and awe in nearly everyone. From the Garden of Eden to modern day horror stories, snakes often symbolize evil and fear, which is perfect for a spooky list of mascots. Even ophidiophobia, the scientific name for a fear of snakes, sounds spooky. Look for the Vipers to strike fear in the hearts of the rest of the XFL this season.

2. Seattle Dragons

Creatures of legend, dragons are often the villains of a tale involving some kind of knight or brave warrior. Dragons are often categorized as immense, intimidating monstrosities that can lay waste to an entire village with one fiery breath. Seattle is the perfect backdrop for the Dragons. The Emerald City is aptly named for its lush greenery all year round. What better place for a dragon to hide, waiting to devour its foes? The Seattle Dragons’ trail of destruction begins February 8, 2020, in Washington, DC again the DC Defenders.

1. New York Guardians

The word guardian doesn’t exactly put fear in the hearts of all who hear it, but when paired with the gargoyle, the New York Guardians rise to the top of this list. The gargoyle is supposed to ward off evil spirits from buildings, keeping those inside safe from harm. In order to frighten away the spirits, gargoyles were made to look so fierce that evil would not dare enter. Gargoyles have been used in this manner for centuries, across many different cultures. The New York Guardians are hoping to put that same kind of fear in opposing teams this season.

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